Welcome to Manic Ceramics, read on to find out all about Hertford’s favorite little blue shop……

Manic Ceramics is a paint your own pottery studio in Hertford.   We have been here for 19 years and LOVE getting creative.  If you are yet to discover us, then jump on in!

It is best to make an appointment; book a table, come on in and have a paint. You can choose from over 150 different pieces; we will run you through the dos and don’ts then you go for it! Pottery has to be left with us to glaze and fire; our turnaround is usually 3 to 4 days. Price wise, we have a one-off studio fee of £4.00 then the price of the pottery on top, you can choose according to your budget, to give an idea, standard mugs and plates start from £12.50, 4″ tiles are £8.00, and planters start from £15.00.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any queries or to make a booking.

See the contact page for contact numbers.