Thank you for showing an interest in what we do here at Manic Ceramics, we welcome you to our guide through the little blue shop….

To book please call 01992 554124 or mobile 07869124568.

We have lots of different, fun ways to help your child celebrate their special day.  All our parties run along the same basis, that is one and a half hours of fun, split roughly into 1 hour of creativity and 30 minutes for munchies and giggles. We need a minimum of 8 children and can seat up to 30 (over 20 children we have to split over 2 rooms).

You will have a dedicated member of staff to assist the party goers with their chosen party. As they finish and wash their hands, we will clear the art away and have some nibbles. We will finish the party with a cake and a certain well-known song…   The per head price includes basic nibbles, jugs of juice, packet of crisps per child and some party biscuits. We can offer a catered party – jugs of juice, cheese, ham and jam sandwiches, carrot sticks, cucumber and houmous, cocktail sausages, mini-savoury eggs, crisps all followed by grapes, brownie bites and party biscuits, all of this for £4.50 per head.

The options for the parties and a rough age guide are:

Animal art, any age:  Each child selects one animal from a range of around 20 different pieces. Under instruction they paint up their chosen animal and on completion they design a base where their animal lives on a 4” tile – a jungle for an elephant or a garden for a caterpillar – there are lots of ideas on hand, we then fuse the tile to the animal for a lovely keepsake.

Create a plate – Age 5 and over. Perfect for all Trex or football loving boys and butterfly or flowery girlies. Create a football / dinosaur scene for the boys and girls get to be all creative with either a large butterfly or flower design or a butterfly rainbow garden. we have lots and lots of plate designs we can do the above are just an example.

Cupcake party – 7yrs and up  Paint up one of our favorites, a lovely cupcake trinket box, then ice and decorate some real cupcakes to take home – Yum Yum !

Butterfly bowl 5yrs and over  Draw round a template of a large butterfly and paint in – really cheerful and a lovely bowl for cereal every morning.  We have a lovely dinosaur design for boys too….

Water melon bowl... create a fab cereal bowl in the design of a watermelon, great to eat out of every morning! we also do pizza plates !

Love lives here bowls – 6 yrs and over  Create a lovely bowl (or plate) with a slightly more grown up design…

Treat bowls – a bowl perfect for popcorn snacks with a movie or sweet or treats 

Party range for age 8 and over :  Each child selects a piece from a range which can include: dragons, fairies, cars, money boxes, football pieces, large cats and dogs, trinket boxes, plates, mug and bowls. The children select one of the above pieces of bisque and after listening to instruction, they design and paint their piece.

If you are interested in a party for 3-year old’s and younger, then please have a chat with Debs – little ones don’t tend to be able to sit for 1.5 hours – we can do a scaled down version for a party – prices are scaled down too!

On all our ceramic party packages the pottery needs to be left with us for a few days whilst we glaze and fire the pieces. Each item will be wrapped and named to make delivery easy. Once the pottery has been fired all items can be used as normal crockery, however, even once we have worked our magic, if dropped it won’t bounce.

Now for the nitty gritty boring bit…..

Each party except for the over 8’s and cupcake range is:

8 to 10 children £15.50 per head.

10 plus children £14.50 per head.

Over 8’s and cupcake range

8 to 10 children £16.50 per head.

10 plus children £15.50 per head

The above prices are all inclusive of bisque and studio fees. We also offer a sweetie cone service; party bags made easy for just £1.50 each, and a homemade chocolate fudge birthday cake can be provided for £12.00