Baby Prints

Creating pieces with baby prints on is what we do! We can offer glaze prints whereby we paint the little one’s hand or foot and print them onto a piece of pottery of your choosing, they are then lettered in, either by us or you, before being glazed and fired.

Prices start from £8 (plus the £4 studio fee) and can be collected within 3-4 days.

Daddy's garden plaque

Mummy's little star plate

Home grown love large plate

Our clay impressions are created by rolling out a piece of clay and taking an impression of your little ones hand or foot, this can be done from any age. The clay dries out, is fired, then we decorate, fire again and hey presto! Your little ones hands and feet are captured forever. Imprints can be collected after 10-14 as they require a little extra attention!


4″ unframed hand or foot £18, framed £24

Small roses imprint

6″ unframed hand and foot £45, framed £55

Small hand and foot imprintFramed imprintGarden imprint

Family imprints start from £50